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"Snyggt Riikka! Väldigt modigt att ta in orange som accentfärg. Men färgen vilar tryggt i den mörka basen. Ser framemot att följa med dina projekt!"
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"There are many job out there directly rlaeted to your feild you can be a jounralist, an editor, work for a publication company. Or you can setp outside of your degree limitations and work in communications, something a lit major you must have a good understand of; getting you point across. Good luck"
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"I’m glad I could motivate you, Vincent! Beatrice Nebr sits on my bookshelf, and occasionally is used. She needs to be used more often though. I am going to write a post specifically on cameras and she will have her moment in the spotlight, haha. Guts, darling, guts."
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"tggp: I've noticed comment volume decrease over the past couple of months. I personally think the posts are becoming harder to read, that the focus and clarity has dropped. But I don't blame Mencius, he has a child to care for after all! Still, I agree with you that hammering Progressives in a short and concise manner ratches up the excitement level."
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