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""I long for the day when the boot is on the other foot " - I think even with budget cuts the cops get issued a pair of boots.Seriously though, I was rather anti police/ law and order, while I was an unemployed pot smoking teenager.Now that I'm a net tax paying parent I have slightly different views. It's one thing to have lofty ideals, another to live by them, and yet another to pay for them yourself."
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"Why do I have to agree totally (or atleast 90%) with each and everything you have written in your articles? (I haven’t read all, about a dozen so far). I can see my thoughts written in the most sensible manner. Love ya…"
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"the Soviet Casaulties were inflated due to prisoners of war, Nazis weren’t shit in fighting, neither were the Japanese. The Nazis had an military of 18.2 million, Italy 3.5 million, Hungary several million, Romania Several Million, Finland Several milllion, Japan 7 million, bulgaria 1 million, millions of Russian Liberation fighters, Spain several hundred thousand, and so on. Nazi Germany-Austria got there ass kicked."
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"Njut av lite lugn och ro ;) Men jag förstår att det är frustrerande ;)Lycka till! :) Ett annat kompispar väntar på fredag, hon kände att det började hända grejer, att det var snart dags. Men man vet ju aldrig! ^_^"
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