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"I was in a boot cast last August for a fractured ankle… It is not fun at all. Try to stay off it as long as you can- I did way too much too soon and kept setting myself back! I hope you feel better soon!"
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"I love your photos... just wonderful ideas, but, oh my.. does that cobbler look "delish"!! Thanks for hosting "Wow Us Wednesdays".KarenLadybug Creek"
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"There's a lot of hate in America and the world. And in this case, hate is coming from a church in Florida. Poor God. Human 'justified' terrible actions are always laid on GOD. The pastor fails to know the difference between God and his ego...a common mistake made by ignorant fools for their own desires. Terry Jones has mistakenly created God in his own ego-mind.“You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” -Anne Lamott"
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"Sarah, I have a 27 drawer industrial metal cabinet (9×9) that I picked off the curb w/ a missing drawer. My thought was to just to have the missing drawer/hole in the middle w/ a metal plate/cover screwed over top & not worry about a functioning drawer. When I asked my FIL to assist me w/ a cover, he fabricated a drawer for me! I placed it right in the middle of the cabinet & painted it a different color from the rest to accentuate it’s uniqueness. It is a great story to tell & warms my heart when I think of my FIL’s craftsmanship & thoughtfulness. So, if your drawers are identical in size, perhaps this scenario will generate ideas…?"
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