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"Sowas ist doch nicht peinlich...die waren bestimmt alle neidisch, die, die geguckt haben XDich würds jedenfalls auch so machen...aber schöne Bilder habt ihr gemacht...wäre noch schöner, wenn man auf den Bildern mehr vom Gesicht erkennen würde! :)"
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"A proposito di Superquark, qualcuno sa se c'è la puntata di ieri in rete? Purtroppo me la sono persa e sul sito della RAI non c'è (sembra che l'archivio sia fermo al 2009).Ci tenevo tanto a vederla, uffa!"
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"There is the option of adding filters to your photos, but not everyone does. I love photos, pictures, sharing photos and taking pictures so as a social network i’ve really enjoyed it so far. You definitely have a point though, over edited photos area shame."
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"Okay, so I have read all your books to date, some more than, ummm about 5 times! I can’t wait for the Grey God’s book! I was also wondering when the next Rhyn books will be out? I’m going crazy not knowing what’s going to happen. One day I hope to share one of my many books with you if you’d ever like to read them. (: Jayde."
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