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"The Rays are batting .237 the first time through the order, but after that it is pretty stable (.262 2nd time, .264 3rd time, .269 4th time). And like KT said, that is fairly standard with more teams, however I am not sure if that much of an increase is common. It may also just seem like more with the Rays because they are not very good offensively."
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"My husband and I have this show on our DVR and were planning to watch it. Thanks for sharing a bit more about it and loved your take on this show, as well its implications for parents and marriage.Janine Huldie recently posted…"
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"My experience is similar to Mindy’s and I agree with Andrew. An additional change I made after going GF 2 years ago was to increase the amount of fiber to 20-25g daily by using a lot of fibrous fruits and veggies plus adding GF oat bran to any baking. Of course over all – stay away from GMOs so most things are from farmers markets or organic produce."
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"White “chocolate” is my favorite kind to eat solo, but it doesn’t seem to mix well with other things. Although now that you mention it, white chocolate and mint is an awesome combo!"
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