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"Rollory, glad you linked to The Spearhead and Roissy. They've been essential reading to me for years, and I recommend The Spearhead especially. I would have linked to them if nobody else did, because when it comes to the fallout from feminism and other leftarded policies, they have excellent articles and commentary. Cheers,"
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"OMG I luv your books lol im your biggest fan cant wait till the 4th book comes out ive already ordered the dork diaries pop star cant wait till i find it in the post P.S Please keep wrighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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"Unemployment has to start to drop and income needs to go up. Given the current economy, rising rates alone will continue to hinder the housing market. The school of thought to inflate our way out of the current economic problems is in my opinion, a mirage."
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