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"Forgot to add that I have not tested the broadband option, but the game quality varies depending on local feed, some are good, some are better, some are horrible. It varies."
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"Two of the most commonly reported side effects of chronic Candida infection are lack of libido and fatigue. I have experienced them personally during a long struggle with it. In addition, let's just say that sex during a flare-up is not that appealing. Luckily I was able to get it under control within 9 months of switching to a mostly Paleo diet. My libido gradually went from nearly non-existent to normal."
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"lol I dont, Christians started out having to worship in graveyards and caverns and were crucified for beliving in one god and not the idea of many gods and deities witch came from the beings that the ufo communitie kep calling “ancient aliens” from hevean to earth they came and ufo community claims this must be from another planet? GEN CH 6 v 1-9 Dont leave out one part of “evidence” just because you think the “brainwashing stuff” is right ? compare occult and satanists to newage/GOD"
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"Wow that is fabulous. So modern. I’ve been reading the details of old embroidery books figuring out how to do various techniques, many of which are laborious. I’ve got a light box and carbon paper and it takes several tracings, then still isn’t perfect. So this is just plain smarter. Thanks for sharing."
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