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"Adnan Oktar is a fake religious man who earns extreme money from arrogant people in Turkiye. Moreover he is totally opposite modern Turkiye and Ataturk Revolutions.You can call current government same as him. But they are not playing their cards so open as Adnan. It’s a shame that a sciencetific getting banned.Sad news moreover i hate to see my country’s name on such bad news. But it’s true. Sad."
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"Ricordo quel bellissimo aneddoto dal Parlamento Europeo, dove in un tal pomeriggio si stava discutendo della crisi economica di alcuni Paesi membri.Il rappresentante della Danimarca prese la parola per dire che si', c'erano dei problemi ma superando le difficolta' se ne sarebbe usciti... testuali parole: "We are shooting the rapids to solve our economic problems".I traduttori compresero "We are shooting the rabbits", e la sessione fu sospesa perche' nessuno capiva come la Danimarca potesse dare una sistematina al deficit sparando ai conigli."
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"I am envious that you have your own apple tree. I’ve made compote too this year with the apples I was given by the orchard where I volunteer. It goes such a long way in so many things but I never thought to have it with gingerbread. What a great combo."
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"I would like to know the frequency of bowel movements as well as the consistency of stools. Are they semisolid or solid? You need to do a stool check in a good laboratory. This will help you to know if the infection still persists. Gurgling sound that you hear is due to increase in the intestinal motility. Probably the body is adjusting after a diarrhea episode. Drink buttermilk two times in a day after meals. Also eat yogurt. Both will help to keep a good balance of intestinal bacteria."
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