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"This interview was inspiring! I enjoy all of the TSP interviews, but this one really hit home the need for preparedness and community building. The work that Bella ministries is doing is absolutely amazing.Current score: 0"
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"I knew every Poe tale like the back of my hind Oh dear. What I like best about this chapter is that in light of John Faa's Lord Asriel facts, Lyra's distorted tale of the attempted poisoning of her father somehow seems more probable. But there seem to be so many good, true stories about Lord Asriel that her lies are unnecessary. And how could Lyra resist going North after hearing about her father's fantastic acts?"
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"Ico, vc tem alguma informação concreta do Nelsinho? Não precisa entrar em detalhes, só diz se a batata dele assou mesmo ou se ele tem chances reais de recolocar em outra equipe.Qual sua opinião sobre ele? Vc acha ele um piloto normal ou realmente tem talento? Abraços!"
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"Kirstie Ally is NOT “a big fat slob” She is gorgeous and has improved tremendously! YOU~ Linda Slutville… are a VERY crude individual (perfect I’m guessing)??"
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