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"Sarah, I have a 27 drawer industrial metal cabinet (9×9) that I picked off the curb w/ a missing drawer. My thought was to just to have the missing drawer/hole in the middle w/ a metal plate/cover screwed over top & not worry about a functioning drawer. When I asked my FIL to assist me w/ a cover, he fabricated a drawer for me! I placed it right in the middle of the cabinet & painted it a different color from the rest to accentuate it’s uniqueness. It is a great story to tell & warms my heart when I think of my FIL’s craftsmanship & thoughtfulness. So, if your drawers are identical in size, perhaps this scenario will generate ideas…?"
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"I’m with Jane, how do you have such indepth knowledge of the orange one’s nut sack? Is that orange, like a wrinkled satsuma?Top craft work though the Hughes. Enjoy Saturday night, and how about a YouTube minus a uke for this?SingleParentDads last blog post.."
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"A me compare "Al momento non hai un cookie ID."Forse perché proprio questa mattina ho usato il software "Cookie" per eliminare cookies, flash-cookies e databases? Ma Google è tra i preferiti che non vengono cancellati... Mah, non sono abbastanza esperto per sapere il motivo, comunque non ricevo annunci "mirati"."
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"I agree 100% with you. She took two breathes in her opening remarks and was flying all over the place.Please let us at Spacing know when you write stuff about the election. Always good to see other city election bloggers."
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