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"I’ve always used my name for my Twitter handle and I’ll keep it that way. I started Tweeting way before I started my blog and chances are I’ll keep on Tweeting long after I quit (gasp!) blogging.I broke up with Klout in a post last week and love #ImaginaryKlout!"
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"These are so cool! Do you think they would work using the smaller ply/weight thread? Like what you would use for doilies? I would like to try and make them to use on my fabric flowers. Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully, easy craft!"
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"I have observed that of all varieties of insurance, medical care insurance is the most debatable because of the struggle between the insurance coverage company’s necessity to remain profitable and the consumer’s need to have insurance coverage. Insurance companies’ income on health and fitness plans are incredibly low, hence some firms struggle to gain profits. Thanks for the suggestions you write about through your blog."
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