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"Wow! That sounds so so amazing! Pumpkin cheesecake w/gingersnap crust has always been one of my favorite desserts and that apple dip sounds incredible! What I wouldn’t give to have been sitting at that table… not to mention the infinitely more enjoyable company"
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"Thanks mate for all your shared informations so far – keep up the good work! Is there any chance to set the sandbox bash-command for evince for example as standard for opening all pdfs? Would really appreciate an answer! Wish y’all a nice day!"
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"Yeah, you kind of have to. Or, you can do what I did and buy both the Blind Melon and Spacehog LP’s based on that one song you heard from each and pretty much wipe your butt with the money. Hhahha, it seems to work in reverse, too."
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"I actually use a 7FT triumph surf rod for fishing striper. I’ve caught some football tuna and got a few dogfish sharks too and even though they aren’t US made rods they still perform amazing. my only problem with them is unlike their more expensive rods they do not have the flexcoat finish on the entire blank its just the brushed graphite, so you have to be careful not to bang it on any rocks or you could chip the graphite."
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