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"Neuroscience has a fair bit to say about perception, intuitions, emotions, etc. Behavioural science has a fair bit to contribute to understanding social structures and behaviours. There are evolutionary components to this, too. And so on.The point is, wouldn’t it be smarter to use what science contributes to understanding these things before you try use them in some fashion?(Note this would place science at an early stage in understanding all of this: to aid your understanding what your “worldviews” are made of.)  Heraclides  "
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"dromedary knapsack? Because she doesn’t want to do dishes because of her omgbusy day, she no longer drinks from cups or glasses and doesn’t eat from dishes? It’s like watching one of those extreme reality shows about women who eat toilet paper as a cheap snack or women who won’t buy toilet paper when they can use old rags and a bucket of water — both, I feel compelled to point out, real examples.Conch, I can’t believe it’s been 100 days. Every day feels like a gift. Thank you for soldiering on. We salute you."
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"I probably missed the 10,000 disses from the last go round but here it goes: “I know I sound absurd” ummmmm Yeah! Supersonic, Roxanne Shante Reject.Not hating on Ms. Boom-Kack because this song is prolly the shit in Europe.(not). Make your paper but don’t quit your day job. Stick to dancing cuz Paula Abdul finna make a comeback and she gots that wack ish on lock. LOL."
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"Det er nogle fantastiske billeder du har taget. Ja slutningen på denne ABC-leg nærmer sig - det har været rigtig sjovt at være med."
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