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"It looks as if the Progressive Democrats’ brown bag vigil at Toomey’s JFK Blvd office will be Thursday, November 17, rather than on the 16th. This is to coordinate with events at Occupy Philly and the SEIU’s planned rally at 4pm and then a march to the Walnut Street bridge. Please stay tuned for times and other details."
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"Oh Megan, thanks so much for sharing your life with us so generously ~ you certainly have documented it well. I love reading your posts and look forward to the next! See you tonight my dear one…."
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"I agree with you, Matt. The discussion about end-of-life counseling is not relevant to what the real dangers are in the health care reform legislation. The idea that someone, anyone would even discuss allowing a rationing panel to obtain and keep control of anyone’s health care decisions is repugnant. From what I can see, they have given the IPAB sweeping power with little oversight. How can anyone think that is a good idea?"
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