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"Rosaura: felicitaciones por el post, escribí un artículo sobre el político y la exposición en las redes sociales y me pareció un excelente complemento ya que explicas la situación con mucha claridad, así que lo enlacé hacia tu blog."
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"My suggestion is NOT to read the comments on Yahoo. I remember the days when I used to follow stock boards on Yahoo and the common denominator of most commenters was their incredibly low level of intelligence about the subject, the English language, etc. I think the only thing that matters is the number of people reading your column. If they don’t get something out of it, they’ll stop reading. As long as your numbers are growing you are being successful."
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"This looks SO incredible! Judging by the look alone I suspect this is world famous – and I’m sure the taste is out of this world! My mother-in-law makes the best matzo balls in chicken soup. I’d better not let her see my comments here or I’ll be cut off from her matzo balls/chicken soup forever…! Thank you for posting!"
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"asmilcamisas disse:Eu até reli o que escrevi e não vejo tanta besteira junta.Mas vc está certo, eu mesmo não lembrava o que havia escrito, mais uma prova de como falar da seleção não tem mais tanta importância…"
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