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"Zenyatta, you should have been HOTY the last 3 years.. And now you will be MOTY (Mom Of the Year)..I have a co worker who isnt a horse racing fan but he knows about you.. His favorite call was last years breeders cup and the way the announcer was saying your name.. So every time I see him all I say is “Zenyatta” and he just smiles lol.."
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"Remember dude, bicycles don’t need refueling and can easily outpace the horde. Also, edged weapons don’t need reloading, though you must be confident in your close quarters combat skills.Also, I don’t think zombies respond well to Def Leopard."
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"Pourquoi c'est trop tard ? il n'est pas encore minuit!!lundi 28 à minuit c'est ce soir!!!Bon peux m'importe,moi je suis du val d'oise et ton blog m'apporte chaque jour un peu de rêve et de bonne choses!!…Continue!!"
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"wow! they coming here? for real? big prize is a 10days here in Hawaii! wow! please update us more so ill stalk them if they here! hahaha… i hope Wooojung couple will get it! cross my fingers!"
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