"Love a pixie cut! My best friend cut mine into a pixie the day after we saw our first Ani Difranco concert. That was... 15 years ago now, I think. I've grown it out a few times, and hated it every time. I have very fine hair, and a big round face, and that's a bad combo for long hair. Short frames my face much better. There's rarely if ever good fashion advice for non-tiny people. It's all focused on how to look smaller. Ef that! Love your hair. <3"
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"Im getting constant crashes with 6.1 on any page, im on samsung galaxy S, with froyo 2.2.I downgraded again to beta 6.1 and crashes dissapear, something is wrong for me.With mini 2.2 dont crash too."
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"Hidden due to low . .Katniss is poor so it is not sad for her to eat a rabbit that is the only type of food she has! YOU must be poor!!!!!!!!!!!!Poorly-rated."
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