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"Eu zic ca Busteniul nu trebuie ratat in nici un caz si ar trebui sa petreaca 2 zile ca sa vada ce e mai important (Babele, Sfinxul, Crucea de pe Caraiman, Castelul Peles si Pelisor)-cetatea Huniazilor-mausoleul de la Marasesti-muzeul satului Bucovinean si tot in zona castelul lui Dracula Sunt doar niste idei. Un circuit nu stiu daca as putea face :):):)"
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"Thanks for sharing your ideas. The first thing is that pupils have an alternative between national student loan along with a private student loan where its easier to select student loan online debt consolidation than over the federal education loan."
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"Hey,Its totally awesome..that cairo cave church snap left me speechless…good you got a chance to see that…..well,that russion mass is also bit strange….but ofcourse for good."
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"… @TheRealAlpha2: I’ve tried them both, but like you said, it’s fairly jittery at 720p and 1080p is out. YouTube videos will play in firefox @ 240p, so there’s definitely room for improvement. Do you think the hardware could theoretically handle higher res smoothly in both cases without overclocking? I gotta say that lower res videos with different formats work very nice though in native player & VLC, better than Android phones with higher specs. I’ll give PanPlayer a go. Was this answer helpful?"
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