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"Awe! I think you are beautiful no matter what...even when terrified:-) Now, the question is would you hold that spider Lydia posted the picture of??? You want to see bat shit crazy? Put THAT thing near me!!!! And huzzah on facing your fears! We love you cuz you're wicked awesome. That's all!"
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"Ginebra de Avalón, la receta original se llama así y está dada por un mallorquín, aunque no dudo q tengas razón ya que con las ensaimadas, como en otras recetas – como la paella – hay muchas recetas “paralelas”…"
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"I knew we had a lot in common as I too am a capricorn! Clowns scare the hell out of me and the most calm place on the planet is on the beach early in the AM for me as well.Thanks for the great article about our experience working out together – we have only just begun. Lets hope we can keep it fun and jump rope like kids!Tim"
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"Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the extreme couponing show but realized It is not feasable for me. Here in Florida no one offers double coupons and other offers that these women seem to get. I have been much more successful with my shopping and saving since using your blog. I wish we would get an Aldi here in West palm beach........"
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