"Personnellement je change les grosses sommes d’argent en Saxo (la petite citroën) ça permet de garder les pieds sur terre !Par exemple: 245000 euros = 100 saxos.Ah oui, pas mal quand même…"
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"I am so glad I checked out the blog today, this was exactly what I needed to read! Thank you Professor, once again a beautiful piece! Do you do son-rise?? Have been seriously considering it for us. Happy 4th!!!! Even if we never achieve the typical kind of independence for our kids, I can honestly say I’m so very glad I received the independence of mind, and heart I needed to help him in every way possible against stacked odds."
Site web: http://randomgames.net/truthlaidbear.com
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"My little toe is turned outwards and the nail is a little half-brown, half-white.Glad to know I'm not the only one around. Feels like the X-man league."
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"Wow! I am so impressed by your photos and your ability to try so many more ideas Kelly put up on the forum than I did! I love the bathtub Elf tradition…so cute!"
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