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"I have also always had stories, but I’ve found they only talk through my fingers. Whatever link is required between the characters in my head and my mouth is sketchy at best.But the part about being a mother and yearning to let those words out…. I fully understand."
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"Yeah, I understand that the whole point of the contest was to drive traffic to ReBrick, but they definitely could have designed the contest better. They could have invited established ReBrick community members to assist with the judging and then opened it up to voting at the end. That’s a really interesting point about which ones were uploaded to the YouTube channel. It definitely implies that someone at LEGO took the time to watch the videos and pick the best ones. It’s a shame they didn’t do that for the contest…"
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"That reminds me of Central Market in Houston. … Down to the little nameplate things. Maybe they’re run by the same company?Happy (late) birthday! It was the same as my best friend … But she turned 21 (finally!)"
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"Disculpa "defensa" retiro lo de gilipollas y lo de capullo integral, todo el mundo, hasta tú, merece un respeto. Pido sinceras disculpas...Insisto, pero, que leerías leerte un libro, para un libegal como tú, Montesquieu o Rosseau no estarían mal...( ay, no , que esos están en el índex de libros prohibidos del Vaticano...pues entonces habrá que seguir leyendo a Pío Moa, que a ese no lo prohiben, aunque asesinó a un pobre hombre a martillazos)Un abrazo"
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