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"Fermentation and putrification is nature`s dance between life and death, health and illness, preserving and destroying. See YouTube video “Fermentation, Simplified”."
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"Det stämmer, det blir faktiskt lite bättre när de blir äldre. Lyssnar på podcast som bäst. Men här blåser jääääävligt kallt!"
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"It’s funny you should mention Massive Attack. Mezzanine and their compilation CD has the same effect- sometimes if I listen to it at night when reading, I get really sleepy, so I’ll just turn off the lights and then I’m out.The key to watching Wave Twisters, btw, is turning the volume up so high that it hurts. The downside is that it will melt your brain."
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"No, you're right Dunk. The only problem there is in the world is Chinese-American men referring to you as 'boy', which you totally have the right to write a three page rant about. Everything else is over-exaggerated and a result of people making victims out of themselves. I don't know what we would do without people who have suffered such things as you have to set all the rest of us straight on this account. We'll all follow your example and just suck it up and deal with it from now on."
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