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"Another nice feature with iMovie (using '09 currently) is the option to automatically lower the volume of one track while another is playing (ex. music plays, then fades when your voice over begins)."
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"Hi Joyce - Thanks for the good word! This was actually my first guest post. It really has been a lot of fun!I had not read 'To Kill a Mocking Bird" before. As you can tell I loved it!I see that you put something up on your bog about the Rushdie memoir. I will visit you there!"
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"Hey mad jew since you are so insightful and a “believer” plzwarn the room about the “jew’ pharisee talmud.Since you are born “again” you must want to warn the rest of us aboutthese evils.Wait! Wait! let me guess you never heard of it?You drip / and or leak of insuficient evidence for any of your postings!Are you blessed from the insight of the talmud?Plz do tell jabber!"
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