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"I am not altogether surprised at the introduction by a Conservative government of something which effectively serves to give the upper middle and upper tax payers a substantial boost and because it has such an effect I can see why it would be lacking in publicity at a time when the poorer sections of the employed are being hit so hard. The potential scale of it though makes me wonder just how long it is going to last once it begins to be seriously exploited."
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"Leuk schelpen etc............waxinelichtjes............gewoon lekker freubelen.......komt goed...........en ja...als ik in de winkel niet weet waar of wat ik er mee moet?? dan laat ik het staan.........anders kom ik er ook niet uit hoor!!Liefs Ria"
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"Mitchell, I feel your pain. Expensive lesson learned there, but grateful you’re Ok. Sad to see that beautiful 110 succumb to the Atlantic. Merry Christmas, bro. May 2013 bring you a new, much drier, Defender, and renewed adventures. Also maybe a course in 4×4 recovery techniques."
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"my reaction for this at 5:30 in the morning : Yeeeeeeeep *jumping from bed in joy* then oops lost my balance >_<OMG I SOOO PRIDICTED THIS FROM DAY 1 … THE MOST AWESOME OTP THAT HAS TO EVER HIT THE SMALL SCREEN DAAAAAAAAEBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK <3 So So So excited .. thank you YEH you just made my day .. now I can go study peacefully ^.^"
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