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"SharonYour woods are beautiful, and I loved your photos of all the pretty wildflowers. We have a lot of wildflowers here in MT too, but won't be seeing them for awhile yet! Thank you for sharing the view from your walk (I had the same idea but still grey and brown here)!Blessings,Cindyxo"
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"Crisantemo Calderón Crisantemo Calderón Crisantemo CalderónGENTE “CIBILISADA” COMO TU QUE ¡¡¡EN UNA PALABRA METES LA PATA DOS VECES!!!Aparte:“pais” lleva acento (adivina dónde) “traves” también lleva acento (adivina dónde) ¿y qué crees? “facilmente” tembién lleva acento (adivina dónde)NI HABLAR DE COMAS Y PUNTOS…GRACIAS POR ILUSTRARNOS CON EL TIPO DE GENTE QUE VE TELEMIERDA.NOZ KEDA KLARIZIMO."
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"Barry, a current D.C. Council member, was arrested Saturday in Washington after a woman flagged down an officer and complained that Barry was stalking her.Barry was charged with misdemeanor stalking and released.A message left seeking comment from a spokeswoman for Barry wasn’t immediately returned early Sunday.Barry served four terms as mayor. In his third, he was videotaped in 1990 in a hotel room smoking crack cocaine in an FBI sting. He served six months in prison and in 1994 regained the mayor’s office."
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"I am not altogether surprised at the introduction by a Conservative government of something which effectively serves to give the upper middle and upper tax payers a substantial boost and because it has such an effect I can see why it would be lacking in publicity at a time when the poorer sections of the employed are being hit so hard. The potential scale of it though makes me wonder just how long it is going to last once it begins to be seriously exploited."
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