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"One thing I’ve been trying to do with my prairie restoration is restore the soil. I’ve been using Omagrow and other such treatments as my acreage is an over taxed bean and corn field. Just found a product that I’m trying out, Sumagrow (www.sumagrow.org). Finally, a way to replenish the soil at a microbial level. Been reading the research, looks promising. However, there is currently no place to buy it in Nebraska (have to go on-line). Have you heard of it? Any comments?"
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"Can bleach be used to kill fungus?I have fungus on my fingernail, but my med insurance doesn’t cover any of the meds given(both generic and non generic) I need to know if I soaked my pointer in bleach would it kill the fungus? If not what are some good home remedies that can be used for nail fungus? Having this dark stripe down my pointer isn’t cute."
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"L'église St Sernin illumine le soirUne fleur de corail que le soleil arroseC'est peut-être pour ça malgré ton rouge et noirC'est peu-être pour ça qu'on te dit ville roseO mon pais, O ToulouseO-ooooo Toulouuuuuuuse"
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"Following already but you knew that I suggest a World Free Chanel Handbag Month where you get to keep a Chanel handbag for a month! great for people who cant afford one…like me Ling recently posted: Ling recently posted:"
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