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"This is a beautiful salad, and full of protein to make it a complete meal. I've never thought to put lentils on a salad before, but I do like other beans on salads so I would probably like this."
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"Donald Trump in testa alle preferenze degli elettori?Evidentemente anche gli Americani meritano di avere il loro Berlusconi.Speriamo solo che abbia un repertorio di barzellette meno greve e stantio..."
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"and my New Year’s resolution(s):Face My Fears,Forget the Past, and Follow My FaithThanks for offering an amazing giveaway and best of luck to all who enter…andHappy New Year from my “krew” to yours…[]"
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"Shooooooooooooeeeees!!!!!Luff the peacock bangle and the hand-rolled edge headsquares. But you don't strike me as the sort of gal who willingly does a headsquare!Show us how you wear them Vix ;-)Hope you're ok re mum's anniversary (((hug)))Ali x"
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