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"Seriously, I ADORE Emma! She’s amazing, beautiful, talented, stylish, elegant, kind, smart young woman. She’s a role model to every girl out there. I LOVE YOU EMMA."
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"O planeta máis semellante ao noso coñecido ata agora é o Gliese 667C c e os científicos afirman que existe gran probabilidde de que conteña auga líquida e ademais posúe un índice de similitude terrestre do 85%.Este planeta ten unha masa cinco veces maior que a terra e o radio é o doble do terrestre. Posúe ademais unha gravidade 1,34 veces maior, unha temperatura superficial 28º máis alta e neste planeta un ano solo dura 28 días.Outros planetas de gran semellanza á terra son o HD 85512b e o Kepler-22b que os caracterizan un índice de semellanza terrestre do 75%."
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"Hi Hollie! I love seeing live music – we just saw 2 concerts last month (Florence + the Machine and Amanda Palmer). It sounds like you have lots of great outlets. I'd love to start doing yoga again. Walking with friends is brilliant right now (gorgeous fall weather here) but soon it will get very chilly in the evenings!"
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"the 10 minute limit is arbitrary and capricious. you bowed to tv and movie companies at the expense of the rest of us. i still see that some "favored" users can have >10min clips while the rest of us serfs are relegated to 2nd class status.... TAKE OFF THE TIME LIMITS."
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