"Hi Jason,Thank you for coming to Melbourne and sharing your songs, talent and expertise, both at the concert and at the workshop at VCA. It was brilliant to hear you talk about the audition process and also the back stories of your songs. I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat with me at the end of the workshop – it was a very full night and I am thankful for your encouragement and thoughts! Enjoy the rest of Australia! Cheers."
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"These so-called “minority studies” programs are taught throughout the country and are a prime target of radical activist who invariably find a way to control what is taught. I’ve seen this up close and personal over the years even a very conservative state like Mississippi. It’s great that Arizona has taken steps to control these out-of-control programs. Glad you posted on this!"
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"- KatieSeattle, WAWork: Producer at a creative agencyWhat’s wonderful?: I finally feel like I’ve settled into Seattle and have created a wonderful work/life balance. It’s something I’ve always strived to do, but now it’s actually happening!"
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"lug31 bene, ora guarda bene tutto, tieni il meglio e manda affanculo il resto. Questo mondo è stato fatto così male che non possiamo concederci il lusso di accontentarci del meno peggio."
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