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"I’d rather vote for Patel than Caruso. He had his chance. Cowards who wait for the coast to clear won’t do the city any good. Let him keep developing his malls and enjoy the good life. Does he not have a mall to develop in Arcadia against the wishes of the people there. We don’t need him here."
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"My wife style of bogus body art were being quite unsafe. Mother worked with gun very first, after which they your lover snuck free upon an tattoo ink ink. I was confident the fact just about every really should not be epidermal, due to the tattoo ink could be attracted from the entire body. make an own temporary tattoo"
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"you, mr photgrapher, would not be happier in a world without cameras.my aspie son is either honest in his expressions in phots or overcompensating, in which case, he looks pretty nutty. i say best to be honest in your expressions. i still see your grin. it's a bit sly, but it's there."
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"“As a consequence we have larger houses, more cars, better education systems, and for the most part stability.”Umm, is this bizarro world. No one can afford those larger homes. Hell, they can’t even afford the cars. And don’t get me started on the education system. I’m teaching at Rutgers right now and I can actively see the decline in the education system occurring right before my eyes. If you want my opinion, the quality of your kid’s education declines by about 5% every year."
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