"Je voulais écrire , vous ne l’auriez pas faitE bien sûr.(22:53)Le blog de leveto apparaît sous deux « leveto » et sous « anonyme » !J’ai laissé un message au premier , est-ce le bon ?arcadius"
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"Just checked out Jess’ blog… what an inspiring family! I consider myself earth-concious but my actions are nothing compared to theirs. I keep all my scraps and use them up before cutting into a new sheet wherever possible. I cut large pieces of scrap card into card blanks, and have them ready-folded in a box for use on another project. I also love to make my own embellishments."
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"One thing these posts tell me is that the world is not a fair place, and that most of our efforts to bend the world to our version of fairness just result in other distortions."
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"- Ellen-Glad you enjoyed it. We always like to try new things. We learned a lot from this one.Paige-Don’t know what the regulations are in your neck of the woods, but there is a goose hunting season here.Danielle-Thanks!"
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