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"99I completely agree. For all the reasons you listed, I don’t see Odom being offered a whole lot more than the MLE by another team. Something like $8M a year or thereabouts would be my guess."
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"Precis Joel! Det är ju frågan om den verkligen är värd 1 700 :- mer än 305:an. Man kan ju få en massa annat roligt för 1700:- än extra batteritid plus lite andra småsaker."
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"Thank you for all of this awesome material. I have been following what you have been preaching for the last three years and have made a complete turn around in many aspects of my life including wealth creation. Thank you!"
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"WOW!! I’d love to know how much she saved. Not what she bought as to not ruin anyones Christmas morning, but ask her if she would’t mind sharing her savings total. I did the black friday thing last year only to come home without th laptop I waited in line for and ordered it online for just a few bucks more *shrug* LOL"
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