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"camilla, è un post veramente bello, a prescindere dall’allargamento del mio orizzonte musicale che hai reso possibile.anche io credo d avere una compilation simile anche se nn ci ho mai pesnato.Per settimane, dopo la rottura del fidanzamento, piangevo a catinelle ascoltando Rino Gaetano in A mano a mano – che in certe strofe mi ci ritrovo perfettamente!"
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"Como disse na discussão após a exibição do filme Nikita Mikhalkov (que tem um faro verdadeiramente animalesco para sentir a "linha geral do partido"):- A Europa Ocidental já não precisará de tanto gás, mas os polacos vão comprar..."
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"Hello! I love the review on the OBI line. I want to be a winner of ghe giveaway. However, I watched your review about three times but didn’t hear/see any info on how to enter the giveaway."
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"I agree: "shoot the rioters." Of course that isn't PC. So, expell any rioter arrested, along with their family, (down to third cousin), to their country of origin.(I think this was proposed by the Swiss Peoples Party, which was promptly accused of being racist) Muslim countries have called for a boycott of Danish products. Just wait until plane loads of the new Danish exports start arriving: muslim vandals on welfare."
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