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"Desde que instale el nuevo pugiln, todas las paginas que visito para ver peliculas o series online (monsterdivx, simpsonizados, peliculas ASD, etc), me redirigen a cuevana. Esto sucede cuando quiero ver la pelicula o serie desde megaupload y digo que es el pugiln de cuevana, por que al desactivarlo no hace su gracia . bfQue estare1 pasando? acac"
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"He’ll pay a fine, go to a whitecollar facility for a few years, get back out worm his way into the system again. I think a time should be set for him to walk in the public square, while the population can do what they want."
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"êtes bien plus performant sur l’orthographe, ce qui est tout à votre honneur, que sur votre capacité à exprimer clairement une pensée (3 dernières lignes assez obscures…)"
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"I am thankful for being alive. I love life, the good of it and the bad. I think it is what molds us.It pains me to see people who are in a constant state of unhappiness or lack of joy.Being alive allows us to see all the amazing things that exist. What an incredible gift.As for this very moment, I am very thankful for my coffee and my chiropractor."
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