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"what a wonderful memorial day prompt victoria..really important to honor those that died in service for their country or serving to keep their land & families safe.. won’t manage to write or visit as i was away the whole day and almost falling asleep because of the lots of sun and fresh air i got… so seeing you tomorrow for OLN.."
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"ma de in china dang bi the gioi tay chay .nguoi viet hay cung nhau tay chay hang china .1 ngay khong xa .bon banh truong china se bi khung hoang kinh te .chung se khong con suc manh de xam lang viet nam .hay noi cho the gioi biet hiem hoa cua hang hoa china"
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"She ate WAY too much. I made the mistake of eating a small part of a chicken wrap when I got to the hospital and puked it all back up right when hard labor started. Luckily I had only eaten a couple of bites, so I was able to get it all back up with just one heave."
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"Bananas are so delicious as the base for a nice creamy smoothie, but it’s true they are awfully high in sugar and starch. The key I think is just to choose your treats wisely, and think about whether the sugar is worth it."
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