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"Looks like our daughter's room about 18 years ago. We still have huge boxes full in the store room. She claims she will pick them up one day."
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"About time, especially since the Republican neo-cons are allowed to malign anyone whose opinions run even a centimeter to the left of the extreme right (like McCarthyism all over again) without any accountability.. and this shlub is the spokesperson for their movement. From what I’ve read about him, he’s a Dickens like character who went from bullied to bully, bringing hurt to himself and others along the way… I will def see it when it comes out."
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"9:22, here we go: asking the President to respond to everything. The man cannot -- I repeat -- cannot -- respond to and address everything. He is not Moses or Jesus Christ. He is one man who is -- and will be trying to do -- a job only a handful of us can even imagine. The man who took the lives of his family is nothing but an arse-H. President Obama cannot address every arse-H situation and/or predicament that comes along. Good grief."
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"Mersi mult de link! Laurentiu este cel mai bun solist din Romania! L-am admirat mereu in trupa 3SE, am mers la zeci de concerte si il admir in continuare solo!Imi doresc sa ne anuntati cand va concerta in Constanta din timp, pentru ca vreau sa ajung neaparat!!!Laurentiu esti cel mai tare!!Multumesc pentru link! Superba melodie, superb videoclip!"
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