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"annyit szólnék hozzá, hogy almazöld színű tápiókagyöngy kapható nálunk is, amelyre az van írva h "tapioca pearl with baitoey" ... na ez a bai toey a pandan levél"
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"Kitt, that's what I ultimately did, just copied the whole thing in html and re-formatted the whole thing under "compose"; what a lot of extra work! The results can be seen in the post just prior to this one."
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"My girls are learning French at school, but I don't think either of them particularly enjoy it. It could be the school's delivery though. If they had a choice, they'd prefer to learn Norwegian (their father's side of the family are Norwegian) or Italian, just because they love the way it sounds."
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"I prefer the optimistic approach of lives.Being able to use your weapon effectively and efficiently can mean the difference between life and death not only for your fellow soldiers but also for any civilians in the vicinity."
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