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"Woah, now that is hard core. The nails are will of your own. You make the nails, and you choose to come on down and give up and die. What a flat fact. Hard to look away on that one.Thanks for sharing that Jim."
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"Katharina, thank you so much for being our first guest designer! Woo Hoo! Your sketch is great, and your card is fantastic. I love the image and the gorgeous coloring. You are so talented! Thanks for helping us this week! :)"
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"What a surprisingly tasteful cover. Despite having all of her junk hanging out ready for you to salivate over, she still looks innocent and…even a bit elegant! The only thing that bothers me is that on the front side (where she’s lying on her back) it kinda looks like her legs have seamlines. Look, at the part where her upper thighs connect to her body. I see what Carnelian was trying to go for. Just looks a little odd, is all."
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"Hi Jungs!!Denke mal das die Mannschaft Samstag Abend geschlossen beim Mallorca Abend erscheint????Freuen uns drauf bei Cocktail und Bier ein paar schöne Stunden zu verleben.Der Präsident!!!!"
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