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"A mi sí que me parece un helado perfectamente válido, y es que no se necesita nada más para poder disfrutar de un rico dulce natural y fresquito; muy buena idea!Un abrazo"
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"So ist es Manu :-) An meine Haut kommt nur.... auf jeden Fall kein Stoff! :-)Die eine Meine hat auch mal Pilates gemacht. In der Mucki Bude und zu Hause. Jetzt macht sie lieber Bauch-Beine-Po. :-) im Fitness Center."
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"Now that I think back on it I probably could’ve phrased it differently. (I have that problem a lot when it’s already too late, Maybe I shouldn’t comment when I haven’t slept in 2 days)Anyways, Once again thanks for the releases and let’s hope you guys won’t run into a delay again, It’s harder on the group than on the viewers most of the time."
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"Even though you misuse the apostrophe (is this stupid, deliberate or sardonic grammerisation, pisspoorenglish?), I can bring myself to reply to your post.Footballers are too stupid to be fully aware of their surroundings. They lack cynicism and therefore merely lack taste.Ad 'folk' are by definition, pretentious. They are fully aware of what is thought of them, and what is expected of them, deny that they are selling stuff but are instead making art, and all wear a standardised art-wank uniform. They also like Sketch."
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