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"It is cool.It’s also close enough that we can walk there during the summer. This makes it ideal.Strangely, it’s only one of three Middle-eastern restaurants within walking distance. And if we’re willing to drive for 5 minutes we can go to three more. Plus two Middle-eastern groceries.I’m not sure how this happened, but if you like hummus, falafel, tabouleh and other foods, it’s a good thing."
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"I can see how the show may spend money on a quality wardrobe, but honestly, when I look at what’s on the screen I feel like I’m seeing the same few shirts and a pair of jeans. Not that they don’t look good in them, but maybe because they pretty much wear the same shades of color they look the same to me. IDK?"
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"Dec31xolondon oooh this is good. The Pink album was a disappointment, bar Glitter In The Air, which is lovely.Go back to Rihanna in the slow days of Jan. If you can get over the lyrics, I think G4L’s music may appeal to you, as well as Cold Case Love. I worry that Kesha is about to blow up big. Total smegma dumped in vats on unsuspecting music fans.Much love in 2010 Adem. Someday we will have a summit! A long multi-hour talk over food and drinks. Cheers!"
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"Just one self-sufficient words about BBC within the Tv show. This individual includes a truly tough immigration policy. The master graduated on the Harvard University. At this moment he provides his one Radio Show. He couldn’t such as the particular United states president."
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