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"Io credo che il 90% dei problemi che ho, e sono causati dal rapporto con mia madre, miglioreranno notevolmente, una volta lontana. Alcuni rapporti sono fatti per esser vissuti a distanza, inutile…"
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"If what you write is correct then any Muslim army when the impetus of an attack ( if in the manner of a raid) has faded ,is going to find itself in serious trouble if facing a Western or far Eastern army.It would be unable to cope with any counter attack.Would this be true of only Arab armies or would it also cover a Turkish or Iranian army? I would have thought the Turks in particular would be far more effective on a Western style battlefield."
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"Woah, now that is hard core. The nails are will of your own. You make the nails, and you choose to come on down and give up and die. What a flat fact. Hard to look away on that one.Thanks for sharing that Jim."
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