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"Samoja kuvia eri kuvakulmista. Huulet törröllään – ns. luokaton hirveä tutu- mekko päällä. Kauanko olitkaan siellä? Ei yhtään uikkarikuvaa? Itse en kehtaisi olla uima-altaalla pelleasussa. Miksi sitä mahaa pitää peitellä pehmolelulla? Tainnu koko reissu mennä mönkään – itselläni on ollut paljon mielenkiintoisempia kokemuksia ko kohteessa ilman pämppäystä finskibaareissa."
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"thanks so much for this. i am always going a billion miles per hour and sometimes it hurts my health or i have a breakdown in the middle of homework. i never want to take time away from working to focus on myself. these tips are perfect for me because they are simple and effective. i hope you are blessed for you help!"
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"Mr Sunshine - no, I disagree. My belief is that if they were at or near the limits of their capacity, the rig count would be rising, not falling, as they made increasing efforts to maintain/increase production. However, I think there's some question as to under what circumstances they'll choose to deploy whatever spare capacity they may have."
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"Lina disse:VagnerComo viajo com a TAP, sempre chego em Orly. Entra na fila dos táxis para Paris. Moro no centro da cidade. Em junho 2012 paguei 34 euros. Pode pegar este táxi do aeroporto. Ele é ótimo. No desembarque, você vai ver a sinalização Taxi…"
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