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"if it is real or just a story!Until now, the Zombie Nazi idea was simply speculation, but thanks to Scott Kenemore‘s tireless research and some “recently declassified” documents the hidden history"
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"Hey Lori, I get the not being a fan of birthdays, personally, mine is just another day of the year for me, one that reminds me of some unhappiness of long long ago. Good for you for still taking the time to mark them though. Love and hugs, Trisha"
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"Mr Donovan, Oscar Jones has been very keen to promote the interests of Mr Monte for some time, although he might just be a friend for all I know or care.I have half a dozen email addresses and if I want to I can use half a dozen IP addresses – these days I can’t be bothered.I am not saying that Ian and Oscar are the same person and I don’t care, just that your method of determining them to be different is not very powerful.If one IP address was say Telstra and the other Optus then you might have a point."
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"OK. Good to bump into you again. I wondered why you were familiar with my book. The book is not published. I am in the process of working on revisions that my agent asked for. But when it is published, if it is published, everyone withing a 3000 miles will hear me hollering out the good news, I’m pretty sure. I’d like to hear more about what you’re working on, too. Are you still blogging?"
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