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"My mother practically made this all the time when I was younger, and through all my cooking adventures, I've only tried it once... not so good either. I guess I always just compare it to my mother's AWESOME version and I just can't get the ratios of soy/vinegar right... I'll definitely give this a go though! Maybe it'll be my redemption! =)"
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"I wish I could get Hubby to even TRY this kind of dish (I think he would rather have an arm cut off) but it looks delicious to me. I think I'll put it on the list of "fun foods" for the next time Hubby goes out of town. The little boys are just precious!!!"
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"Sorpresa futbolera en Teleantioquia-Tiene que ver con fútbol.-¿Qué día?-¿En cuál horario?-Por el momento no estamos autorizados en anunciar una buena nueva en Teleantioquia.-En próximas horas se firmará el contrato.-Seguiremos informando."
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"Daniel. Great read. I get the feeling, more often than not, that we're not dealing with "carnys", but are being told,"there are 5 lights, Picard"."
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