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"Kristoffer Nielsen siger: Det må være dejligt at have fået ferie! Jeg ser også frem til min, som begynder imorgen. Og tillykke med de fine karakterer!"
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"My favorite movie theme song is Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. I also love Science Fiction from Rocky Horror.I follow via GFC, twitter and Facebook."
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"I lean libertarian on a lot of issues, but not about clarity of terms and acknowledgment of risk. For instance, I don't want govt telling me what I can eat, but I do like a food label, and would like to see some better reg there. Sure govt should allow us to make stupid decisions about sex, but i agree that it should be honest about with the public about the repercussions of those decisions. The way they spin it, you would figure that the biggest threat to a gay man's health was an attack by a homophobe and not his own reckless actions."
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"I always learn something from this blog - thank you.I had no idea that's how George Soros escaped the fate of 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe. I was disgusted by the man before - now I'm truly sick to my stomach. What a callous, sociopath George Soros is. If Elie Wiesel were willing, I would love to see the two of them have a "discussion." Elie Wiesel feels guilt for just surviving the Holocaust and this piece of human garbage feels no guilt for profiting from it?"
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