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"Daniel. Great read. I get the feeling, more often than not, that we're not dealing with "carnys", but are being told,"there are 5 lights, Picard"."
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"This "Obama Leadership Academy" is :In its first academic year (2010-11):Nonwhite students: 1,230 (99.84%).White students: 2 (0.16%).Total diversity was within reach!Unfortunately, diversity is on the decline: There are now 15 Non-Diverse (Colorless) students."
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"Good tips, although I will slightly disagree with #1 and #2 under things you do not need. That’s fine if you’ve been training with the gels or electrolytes that a race is providing. But if not (and sometimes I don’t because I don’t care for the provided course nutrition), then I always wear my fuel belt and carry gels. I’m accustomed to wearing it, so feeling lighter is not an issue. And I’d rather drink or eat something I know works for me, rather than trying something new on race day and risking it not agreeing with me."
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"HiIt was how it was built. The left hand side is the microphone and the right hand side is the speaker. I thought it was mine that was faulty but its correct. My iPhone 4 however sent the sound out of both at the bottom."
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