"“Gardeners always recognize each other because they know that in the history of each plant lies the growth of the whole world”. Its a wonderful reflection Nadia, thanks for all the planting. Indeed, keep the seeds growing"
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"*looking out for someone who would write something like this one, for me* Brilliant! *speechless. Can't say much more* (damn, I am getting Suruchi's habits imbibed within me. talking more within asterisks and brackets than the proper way. Yes, that's the one I am talking about :-p)"
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"I won’t forget because, before I can truly love others, I need to practise Self Love first. I cannot give to others what I don’t give to myself.Jamye, your book “WOMEN LOVING WOMEN” is so beautiful and meaningful. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of photos and writing dealing with Threesome love."
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"Let's be honest. The majority of the population is tasteless, as are many realtors. If a realtor uses the same three descriptions, the homeowner is convinced they are either buying/selling something of value when most of the time it's a cookie cutter house made of cheap materials in a bland subdivision. The phrase "curb appeal" is another. And, stainless steel appliances is the third. Yawn."
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