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"I guess I'm thinking about how the govt can provide more efficient mobility services and you are thinking that the govt ought not to be doing it in the first place.I would submit to you that my view is more realistic than yours guy.Most govt IS going to provide some form of transit for the demographically disadvantaged.from that point on - the question is how to do it more efficiently.until you figure out how to stop govt from doing this, I don't see your view as realistic."
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"Información Bitacoras.com…Valora en Bitacoras.com: En la web de Infografías y Diagramas de Social Media de Dolores Vela (a la que recomiendo encarecidamente que sigáis en Twitter) he encontrado una infografía muy interesante acerca del Márketing de Contenidos. El Márketi……"
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"abr20rodolfo “se o empregador realizar o desconto, o empregado pode denunciá-lo ao Ministério do Trabalho ou propor uma reclamação trabalhista solicitando o valor descontado.”e eliminar qualquer chance de promoção ou correr o risco de ser demitido em alguns meses, por força maior também"
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"It's good that france is playing a secular role and grantin g right of urt anyone?worship to followers of all religions but why head scarves have been banned although it is a part of teachings of one's religion and doesn't h"
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