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"Mr Sunshine - no, I disagree. My belief is that if they were at or near the limits of their capacity, the rig count would be rising, not falling, as they made increasing efforts to maintain/increase production. However, I think there's some question as to under what circumstances they'll choose to deploy whatever spare capacity they may have."
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"Lina disse:VagnerComo viajo com a TAP, sempre chego em Orly. Entra na fila dos táxis para Paris. Moro no centro da cidade. Em junho 2012 paguei 34 euros. Pode pegar este táxi do aeroporto. Ele é ótimo. No desembarque, você vai ver a sinalização Taxi…"
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"Hi Matt,I’m intrigued by what you have embarked on. How exciting!I got really hooked on Bikram but it just got so expensive as I was going quite a lot.I am moving to Wellington NZ for 16 months and really want to get back into the hot room!!!I will be watching the progress on your inspiring journey"
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"i like to sew things that make me happy! I have these creatures I make a lot and they are just funny to me. So it makes me laugh to see them come together! And it’s just so much fun watching what you are making come together right before your eyes!"
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