"Se pare ca sinteti singurul monarhist autentic !!!! Nu sint monarhist ( as fi fost daca ma nasteam pina la arestarea maresalului Antonescu ! ), dar pot sa apreciez lipsa de ipocrizie, sau de oportunism, a dvs. !!! Respect !!!Daca monarhistii ar fi ca dvs. , regele ar avea ceva sanse !!"
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Le 11-11-2017 auto insurance rates Brunswick OH a écrit:

"Some questions to all. Hammer says that this site “got hacked twice” Does anyone know if this is true. If true how does he know and is such practice not illegal? These questions are not an open invitation to accuse me of being a nasty vindictive fat short ugly stalking homophoobic hating bitter twisted angry scrounging disabled fruit cake in need of a white coat but just some simple questions. It would be great if someone could provide an answer without the ever so subtle repartee"
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"Mary....these cookies are certainly mouth watering and I am drooling already. Happy Valentine's Day to you and have a sweet one with your loved ones :)"
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"Vix what an amazing outfit. Love the boots.People should wear what they want, if they are happy and comfortable in an outfit choice, that should be all that matters. Why be boring and frumpy!Dx"
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