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"Payez les chercheurs un peu plus que le smic, et les diplômés de grandes écoles arrêteront peut être d’aller voir chez les banquiers si l’herbe est plus verte qu’au CNRS…mais comme l’Etat n’a pas un fric infini, il faut choisir : ou on continue à faire les guignols en Lybie, ou on paye mieux les chercheurs. Inutile de se plaindre après coup des choix des étudiants."
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"You can apply with out sanding at all if the chairs aren’t in need. As far as yellowing goes, I just thought it may be a concern, but I have an off white arm shell I did about 7 years ago, and it still looks great, no yellowing that i can see."
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""They shut me up in ProseAs when a little GirlThey put me in the ClosetBecause they liked me "still"-Still! Could themself have peeped-And seen my Brain-go round-They might as wise have lodged a BirdFor treason in the Pound-""
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"/ We are looking to leave our dogs (2) at a place for about 6 months due to an offical posting abroad. Can anyone provide suggestions on a good and safe plcae to leave them.Thanks!"
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