"Hey Lisa,We have been relocated as well. It is hard with the kids but harder on the MOM I find that in the months before the move and getting everything settled are the hardest. Keep running it will help!"
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">>DJnerate, the_pseudokingsI get the feeling you both have similar purchasing strategies in terms of looking for the best deals; DJnerate has the luck of having the pick of Japanese post-release online bargains, some of which can get pretty obscene (like the 5,000 yen Ignis the White – I cringed a bit when I saw that listing).Addressing this issue more thoroughly sounds like it will take a completely separate post, and it’s probably one worth thinking about and putting together. Thanks for the suggestion, guys."
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"Luma Rosa,Venho agora mesmo do seu lindo blogue. Antes de responder aqui, quis lá ir da rum abraço a si e à Chica,Adorei o seu texto e as suas palavras à Chica. Também fiquei emocionado.Muito obrigado. Muito, muito muito.Beijinho."
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"I second the go get a trial and see how a few styles look comment. I was sure I was going to do soft waves and a low bun and I hated it. As in, it made me cry. Also, if your hair is fine and straight and you are determined to go with curls, be sure you are OK with copious amounts of hairspray on your head."
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