"The poll seems to favour "ladies", so do I -- but as I'm not a native speaker, I remember that our word "Weib" -- related to "wife" was an honoring word centuries ago and is a scornful word today, especially in plural "Weiber". Words change -- and, as I am convinced: The intention changes a word, a word never changes an intention. The meaning speaks. And I wish all young people would share your attitude towards the older generation!"
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"The trouble with Leonardo is communication. You should hear how Babelfish mangles his Italian.So that was you, Nick! Or Calgon 5, as I knew you then. I should never have lost the faith..."
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"ken m al van schoolfeest spinoza lyc. impressed, had als eerste van mn vrienden de LP street… ! zette samen met Herman, ..bibikov/alderse Baas/klashorst/bobby eisenberger/kaap en nog een virtuoze gitarist.., “safe the robots”, het shaffy theater op stelten.. , vreselijk met hem en sean bergisch, na sluiting tijd int oude Bim Huis, gelachen.. en met zn bassist freddie cavallie e a in althea geweest.. fijne gozer, helaas ook overleden..( ook goeie zanger &pianist apropo !)"
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""Whatever it is, I'm against it" - Groucho Marx.The left is a world view that needs to wake up every day and be miserable and angry about something and someone to blame it on. If if they ever ran out of targets for their bile, they'd be angry and miserable about THAT."
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