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"No se si sera una herejia pero…he añadido un poco de Kombu a la salmuera, ademas del azucar moreno sin refinar, sal, pimienta, laurel, romero, anis estrellado y clavo.Son 2 pechuguitas las que estan en la nevera, bien cubiertas y mi idea era tenerlas hasta mañana cuando la niña me despierte a las 7, asi q estaran unas 12-13 horas.No sera demasiado??"
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"done it b4 for payment-jeju tour..tapi masa tu gunakan pertolongan kazen yg kerja bank..public bank..tak ingat kna charge berapa tpi agak mahal la..sbb taktau banyak pasal transfer ni,masa mula2 tu banyak kali kena beremail 2-3x tanya information needed for transaction..memang mencabar rasanya wktu tu..alhamdulilah selesai dan dah selamat pulang pun ^^anyway, all d best for ur study !!"
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"It’d be a pleasure to watch RG3 beat up on anything after that OK State game last week! But help cheer em on with me. Maybe with the “Sic Em Bears” coming from across the nation it’ll help pull em through! Thanks for the prayers and I hope you are doing well!!!Rob"
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"above, its been happening for years and years. Like I’ve said on previous posts people, YOU HAVE TO BE REALLLLLLY USING YOUR HEAD WHEN STAYING ON KPG!!!! If you do this, you’ll be fine! If your used to going to Ibiza etc etc and then thinking you can go as mental on KPG without anything happening, your sadly mistaken.Anyway, take care and enjoy this “unique” place before it turns into a “Normal” place…. haaa"
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