"It’d be a pleasure to watch RG3 beat up on anything after that OK State game last week! But help cheer em on with me. Maybe with the “Sic Em Bears” coming from across the nation it’ll help pull em through! Thanks for the prayers and I hope you are doing well!!!Rob"
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"above, its been happening for years and years. Like I’ve said on previous posts people, YOU HAVE TO BE REALLLLLLY USING YOUR HEAD WHEN STAYING ON KPG!!!! If you do this, you’ll be fine! If your used to going to Ibiza etc etc and then thinking you can go as mental on KPG without anything happening, your sadly mistaken.Anyway, take care and enjoy this “unique” place before it turns into a “Normal” place…. haaa"
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"ah yes, miley. does feel a bit strange for the dad to be so accepting. he could at least pretend to give the guy a hard time, err on the side of caution for his daughter.VA:F [1.9.20_1166]"
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"Hola Galo…Las grandes empresas se presuponen cuentas con grandes asesores tecnológico y por su puesto deber ser la punta de lanza, pero…si das unos pasitos atrás …no recuerdas situaciones en los que te dicen…”No. aquí no aceptamos tarjetas” pues estamos en el mismo punto! “No. aquí no aceptamos pagos a través de móvil”"
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