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"déc19 A financial advisor I need him to come give my wife the same workout!! with that HUGE COcK!! She got helle wet just looking at it!! and I blew a huge load on her titts too!! great flick!! keep them comming"
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"Dit, tu devrais un peu te calmer parfois. Qui a dit ça ? Montre nous. Et un peu de respect pour le travail des newseurs. C’est pas facile d’être newseur. Ca à l’air simple d’écrire quelques news, mais il faut penser à plein de truc. Et si tu sais si bien faire ça. Pourquoi n’essaies-tu pas d’être newser et après on verra."
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"It is so serious an issue but appears to have been handled in such a poor way that when viewed in retrospect, it appears to be a farce. Perhaps it was arranged to be part of the Edinburgh Fringe.I suppose we could always send him an appointment to be checked in a National Health Hospital and grab him when he returns."
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"answer on your question about how many driveshaft i have had replaced, the answer is none, I still use the same shaft that was placed by BMW at production, my K100RT is one of the last production day of this type as confirmed by BMW itself (framenumber 97823). It has >230000KM on the odometer and with every tyre change i also grease the splines, it takes my about an hour to do this, I use my K100 daily for worktravel and outings and use 2 sets of tires on 40000KM a year."
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