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"i’d agree with you in some regard, but this guy has had the weight and hopes of US Soccer on his shoulders for the better part of a decade. Ridiculous amounts of travel, injuries mounting, feeling like you’ve already accomplished all that is within reason….its not hard to understand him wanting to walk away.He doesnt exactly owe us fans anything else.But, i do hope he gets over it and is back next season."
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"First-time Builder / November 1, 2010This was an absolutely phenomenal guide! I was able to get my PC up and running because of it and the motherboard guide. Being my first build, this has been a very valuable and gratifying experience. Thank you so much PC Mech.Reply"
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"Jag förstår att du vill ha en sån här. Dom är supercoola! jag har åkt på vår här hemma så att golvet blivit lite slitet, det är himla roligt faktiskt. Så den lär väl ha gått sönder innan Wille ens är gammal nog att testa"
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"Wow you're doing very well!! I'm coming up to my 100 days to go post so was thinking much the same thing about where I was at with my goals and new years resolutions (not as good as it should be - so something to work on at least!!)xxxCate"
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