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"I’m always impressed by the huge amount of time and work that you put in all of these projects. Lots of new things coming up. Looking forward to the Manchester talk video. I very much enjoy your rewinds, especially since something seems to break every week(laptop, playstation, car). They really are adventures in open-source"
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"I’m sure the wordpress team will do a good job. But you have to realize that there are greater than 10 times more iPhone apps than wordpress plugins which makes Apple’s job a huge one (even for a large company). I’m sure they’re trying to do the best job they can — but you’re right — I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in the iPhone app store :) …"
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"I RT most any author’s promo. I think they deserve it. If it isn’t a follower, they usually thank and follow. I think I did something wrong for facebook author page. It seems an unnoticed adjunct."
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"as a few have stated, similarly i’m in my early 30s and didnt get a chance to get in on time. now that i’m ready, but dont want to buy at the current time because of the current down turn.1. is it wise to buy as a “tax shelter” because of my income bracket is in 40%? 2. or just wait it out til may of 2007? thanks in advance."
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