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"Hello Sarah,I love watching youngsters getting excited about learning new skills. The look on their faces when they 'get it right' is so precious. Wishes for lots of happy times stitching with your children.God Bless Barb from Australia"
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"Tässä eräs ”videoblogi” joka hieman sivuaa tuota femmen edellisen linkin aihetta… Twisted Broad – Twisted Broad – Twisted Broad – Ja vielä yksi siitä mihin tuota sitten ”sovitetaan” Twisted Broad –"
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"These people are just nuts! When has a nation been better off in the long run with a debased currency? If this worked Zimbabwe and Argentina would be economic superpowers by now."
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"I love the opening quote about suffering and how much of the best things in life arise like the phoenix from the ashes out of suffering. My son, my greatest joy! Vision quest and the list goes on."
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