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"Jamais réuissi à aller plus loin que la deuxième page d’un livre de Le Clezio.Pitou, auriez-vous un petit message pour m’encourager à perséverer dans la lecture de cet auteur qui d’après plusieurs de mes ami(e)s lecteurs(trices) est super ?"
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"I really like number one best. The tones are great and it’s a lovely low key image that retains a lot of detail. I think the image is better balanced by moving Lola slightly upwards."
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Le 14-11-2017 affordable car insurance Lodi CA a écrit:

"I managed to snag another brand's "vibrating" toothbrush and I like it a lot. It didn't cost much more than the price of this one. I think it works pretty well."
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"GG – that it is, I toyed with the idea of including them in the b/w conversion but they got dropped eventually.This was taken while on a short walk with Adam around Sunday’s Well, and a very productive one it was too, got several interesting shots that day!"
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