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"Caro Anónimo das 11:52 AM:Antes de haver arquitectura as pessoas viviam em cavernas... se quiser voltar assim tanto atrás no tempo, nem precisa de "nós"!Cumps.f."
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"great post — I’ve found my biggest problem with followinga finance plan, is I’ve been too unorganized. When I dont exactlyknow WHERE my money is going, it makes life kind of difficult. Mygoal for 2011 is to get much more on track with finances."
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"What a great gift and wonderful exchange. I’m guessing from the photos in the post that the artist lives in Finland, which makes it an even more gracious gift because international shipping is not cheap!"
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"The implication of no negotiations is of course war in which force is used to induce desired effects. That is my whole point. That is why I prefer negotiations. Had the Palestinians and Arabs negotiated in 1947-48 there would not have been a Nakba."
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