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"piccola sintesi della mattinata:Bellunato esorta alla disobbedienza;Victor all’interpretazione privata dei testi magisteriali, in perfetto stile protestante;Luisa non ha problemi ad andare a Messe celbrate illegittimamente;Silvano si trastulla tra insulti e scempiaggini (ho voluto usare un termine leggero);è COMMOVENTE ASSISTERE A COSì ELEVATI ESEMPI DI FEDE CRISTIANA E FEDELTà ALLA CHIESA !!!"
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"Just to let you know, survey isn't working. It still gives same old error.Also,give us stereophonic sound and higher bitrates!Come on, stereo was like SO invented in 1880's. Is it too cutting edge for YT? WHAT ?!Nobody want's to slamdance !?!"
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"I've been checking here each day and getting more concerned each day when there were no new entries. So sorry for the loss of your Gran. She sounded like a very special lady, as most grandparents are :)Gill xo"
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"Okay, thanks, for your quick response, Alexander.It appears that FastSpring has a European office located in the UK so it must be VAT registered. A UK VAT registered company charging me in dollars is quite unusual."
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