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"I’ve read the new The Tao of Twitter book and now this post, and read the same two things. Although some spammers are following you and you are not following them back that is not good enough. You need to remove them and not even allow them to follow you. I especially like the idea of 1way followers because so many people are focusing on numbers now and follow back who ever they get their hands on. Great strategy!"
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"Minä odotin Austerilta paljon, mutta New York -trilogia oli aikamoinen pettymys. Haluan antaa kirjailijalle kuitenkin toisen mahdollisuuden. Alun perin se piti tehdä kehutun Sattumuksia Brooklynissa -kirjan kanssa, mutta tämä uutuus kuulosti niin viehättävältä, että se oli pakko tilata. Toivottavasti en pety! Silmäisin vain juttuasi, mutta olen innoissani, kun sekä sinä että Sanna piditte kirjasta ilmeisen paljon!"
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"Congratulations on my behalf, and I wish her career in music will flourish towards a very bright future. Why is it, that all the female cartoonists are total babes, while men in the same profession are complete dorks? Anyway, I have recently posted part 1 of my posts, Eddie, in case if have the time to read it.Later, from an inspiring cartoonist/ artistBruce"
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"When prosecutors examine what to do about some guess which astoundingly been released this particular springtime in the milestone 1979 disappearance lawsuit involved with Etan Patz, the man who was the number one guess for some time is about to proceed free just after beyond 19 years in prison with regard to molesting similar little children.."
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