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"Although, Beep-Beep was their biggest hit it was not their first. The playmates recorded Jo-Ann before Beep-Beep. It was a regional hit up in the Jersey area when it first came out."
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"Bosley Hair Restoration – is it natural looking?My brother wants to use Bosley he already consulted with them and knows how much it will cost. As a concerned brother, I want to know is Bosley really effective and is it really natural looking? Anyone who sees him after this surgery know he had this done? What are some of the post-surgery precautions he needs to do? Thanks."
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"sier:med mine sortering/likevekt/komposisjonstvangstanker er dette en fryd for øyet! jeg stusser dog på at det ser ut til å være langt fler nuddelbokstaver på det rotete bildet, enn på det ryddige."
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"I don't think we'll ever see Windows 7 on the PS3. Only Windows operating systems that runs on to MS-DOS, such as Windows 1.x-3.x, 95, 98, and Me. Windows XP, Vista, and 7 runs on top of the Windows NT kernel, not on top of MS-DOS, therefore cannot run on top of Dosbox."
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