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"Which university are you at? one of the better cartoons i have not seen before. and whoever posted japanese idiots dont have a life. well i love japanese women and i dig there cartoons and almost everything else im alive but thank the lord for the japanese i cant stand stupid catholics honestly. Hail Mary oh and i guess ill do a few more hails for my sin tommorrow stupid catholics. no offence though to anyone just the dumbest religion created. and yes the masses can be wrong"
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"I am both a tall and wide person so nothing from the kids department would ever fit me but I often wish it did, some of that stuff is cute. I have no problem getting things from the men’s department, often they have the basics I want in lengths that are long enough for me, especially pants."
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"At a function I attended not long ago they served deep fried, battered jalapeno slices and I recall using the crack analogy with those also. The quantity I consumed also made itself known on the way OUT of my digestive system...and I'd still do it again!"
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"pessoas!!!quem quer saber se eu vou baixar ou ñ ? acho q ninguém néh!!oq querem saber é sobre a qualidade de som e imagem e oq acharam do filme…então pessoas baixem 1º depois voltem para comentar.abraç..audio 10video 10filme mto bom pra quem gosta do genero,recomendo mto engraçado Nota:"
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