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"Hi Cory, have you considered accepting for donations? It’s 100% free to use, and accept payments to. I’ll also note that Slashdot has another article on the front page about bitcoin. There are two ways to get started.1. download the client from the , and . Then just publish the payment address it gives you.2. Use an , and follow their instructions. Cheers!(I’ll donate a pitiful amount (’cause I’ve only got a pitiful amount) of bitcoins when I notice you’ve done this.)"
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"Aaron, any chance the browser patch (see mailing list) will make it in soon? I think banshee profits A LOT from this. It’s working nicely already, getting it into head would men more testing and the ramining bugs would be gone very fastAnyway, thanks for 0.10!"
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"*clearing two cans of peaches, a can of pears*...sigh! Ironic isn't it, in this day where food is aplenty, yet when you delve a little, there's so little that's really safe for consumption."
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"To the [i]avelox cipro levaquin conversion dosing[/i] you can include fentanyl (patches and lollipops), methadone, demerol, liquid dilaudid, oxycodone (liquid and pills), hydrocodone, and alike on."
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