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"as a few have stated, similarly i’m in my early 30s and didnt get a chance to get in on time. now that i’m ready, but dont want to buy at the current time because of the current down turn.1. is it wise to buy as a “tax shelter” because of my income bracket is in 40%? 2. or just wait it out til may of 2007? thanks in advance."
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"I grew up in Oyster Bay and during the summer I traveled this route in a “loop” on a daily basis, by bike… It was dangerous then and now more so… the speed of cars, the number of cars on the road, the rudeness of cars that are passing bike riders… A bike lane and a possible sidewalk along this road would be beneficial to the community. By the way, this road needed to be replaced in the 70′s… and the involvement (need) of the Army Corps of Engineers was what “put off” the repair of the road… Now we need to replace the road because it was never repaired. This should be done correctly."
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"hallo SiebeIk vond het een mooie dienst, waarin je er in geslaagd bent een mooie eenheid te maken van alle verschillende onderdelen (bolivia, lampionnen, hoop en licht). ik was ontroerd aan begin van de verkondiging.Heel goed gesproken. Bedankt!"
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"Hola que tal, escribo desde Venezuela.Me gustaría adherirme al manifiesto y que sumemos cada vez más y más bloggeros en contra de la delincuencia virtual…Excelente Victor, saludos y mis respetos…"
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