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"Ese tio no ha usado windows 7 en su vida. Con una maquina virtual (con 1,5Gb de ram) asignada tengo el 49% de la ram usada (tengo 3,4), con un navegador y el correo. Seguro que cobra mas que yo :-)"
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"Yes, Gattina, you can be thankful for that last parc. It seems so pleasant!Just one restriction; the weather, in Northern Europe, like us, Waterloo seems to suffer from humidity, no?"
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"i think teachers should stop asking student questions because next time he/she will fall for rest of his life. really that makes me laugh until tears turns dry."
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"Unfortunately, we have not "released the dogs of war" on Islam, to paraphrase Shakespeare. If we had, Islam would be rushing to the nearest exits. What we have instead is a "Hound of the Baskervilles" pro-Islamic policy whose Avatars can be bought off with a treat so they won't sound the alarm with a wall-shaking bark. Sorry, Daniel, but I couldn't resist the literary analogies."
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