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"Becare about using it. I tried it but it didn’t help. I had sciatica pain for years and it was miserable sometimes.Probably I wasn’t doing it properly. But I am better now but just following certain sciatic exercise program and making some changes to my diet. Try to understand the problem more rather than just rushing in.I like the sciatic exercise program as I found it helpful. I do not like a lot of medications and love the nutriton, education besides the exercise part."
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"Pneumonia sounds awful! hope you feel better soon. Take it easy look after yourself.Loving the dress you are rocking today, poorly or not. What a lucky babe you are with your packages of joy!Loved the picture of you in your last post. Truly beautiful! But of course we already know this. Wishing you a speedy recovery.P x"
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"Thanks everybody. To recap, here are all the recommendations I got through the blog and friendfeed:Frank Tallis: A Death in ViennaMatt Rees: Mozart's Last AriaJohn Lawton: Second ViolinJodi Shields: The Fig EaterWilliam Boyd: Waiting for SunriseWolf Haas: Brenner and GodNicholas Meyer: 7.5 percent SolutionPhil Andrews: Goodnight Vienna Laurence Payne: Vienna BloodLeo Perutz: Master of the Day of JudgmentDaniel Silva: A Death in Vienna John Irving: The World According to Garp Jonathan Carroll: Sleeping in Flame"
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"Americans, in general, are irresponsible with their finances. We think credit is free money. What about personal responsibility? Always blame someone. Students should hotspot the courses which maximize their potential and also help them to get a good paying job. Finally blame immigrants for taking up high tech jobs."
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