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"If this trend is as wide spread as it seems from the reports, it make me wonder how it will eventually affect China or any other totalitarian ruled country that refuses to allow its citizens to communicate openly with other societies throughout the world. If China currently prohibits access to many areas in cyberspace, how will one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of goods keep up with industry as other countries become more close knit or interdependent? Will they have eventually yield to the winds of technological change? If you believe in ancient prophecy, the answer to that question is, yes."
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"Did you know John Hugged collaborated with P.J. O’Rourke? Even helped him write “The Pants Down Republican Manifesto”? Have you ever thought how bizarre it is that Democrats like to claim Hunter S. Thompson and William S Burroughs as their own? If either man wrote at length about their passion for a single payer healthcare system, I’ll be dammed if I ever heard of it. Guns, drugs, and alcohol seem to be the central preoccupation of those two literary giants from the 60s."
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"Im all over the USA at +1.5 -121 (pinnacle). Team Canada, are soft , as they showed against the Swiss last time out. The Canucks need this game badly, becasue of the two points they got in that above mentioned tilt. But if US, can keep this tied in regulation, that will be the ultimate KO punch . Media, headlines tomorrow morning. CANADA Olympic Gold Medal Hopes dashed !"
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"Thank you for the facts. It’s true if they continue to seek to disarm law-abiding citizens, folks would be sitting ducks for the criminals who love such idiotic laws that rewards criminals and punishes the innocent!"
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