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"It was a picture of a girl on a shopping/gift bag in either shorts or a mini skirt and David sharpied on her legs to cover them. And thus was born the “Modest is hottest.” While I do get that…it was a shopping bag…nothing x-rated about it."
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"Ok, I admit it…I bought into the idolotrous enticement of a political campaign, like an open-mouthed big bass fish. What a fool I have been. Your post was God sent for me. I had read in my devotion time this week, the very same story about Peter and Jesus.I shouldn't be surprised that our nation is pulling away from God. I refuse to be caught up in it again.Thanks so much for this great piece. His will be done!"
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"So, formerly prospering cities are turning into Third World hellholes because of the "oil riches". That's an interesting theory. Well, Scandinavian authorities have already established that recent surge in the number of rapes is caused by "warmer weather", so I guess they are applying the same "logic" here."
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"It’s amazing how sometimes it takes that one single thing to get us going on our path. You never know what it may be so pay attention and listen to your heart.Glad to hear you are on your way. Enjoy the journey.George"
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