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"o strawberry.net está no radar da receita brasileira. quase tudo que comprei deles foi taxado, até coisas abaixo do limite extra-oficial de 50 dólares. por causa disso, tenho evitado comprar no site porque, apesar do frete grátis, nem tudo é uma pechincha."
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"I have noticed that sensible real estate agents all over the place are starting to warm up to FSBO Marketing. They are noticing that it’s more than just placing a sign post in the front property. It’s really pertaining to building relationships with these retailers who at some time will become purchasers. So, whenever you give your time and energy to helping these suppliers go it alone – the “Law associated with Reciprocity” kicks in. Good blog post."
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"Wow I learned something new reading this and I appreciate it very much. I’ve done some of this stuff before but not a lot and any time I see an article like this that is telling me what to do and kind of being used as a training tool it helps a great deal. I love articles that give information I can really use and I learn from and this is definitely one of those."
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"In a world in which no judgment attaches to a choice someone would make about how much they do or don’t contribute, I’d say, Fine. Be open about it. But we don’t live in that world. I responded “Other” — explaining that I supported both “No” answers equally. (The polling software doesn’t allow multiple responses.)"
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