"Scusate, qualcuno si ricorda che una famosa ditta produceva (o lo fa ancora) una "pasta" di pesce dentro un simpatico dispenser pronto all'uso? Non faccio nomi ma scommetto che qualcuno ha capito...Di questo non ci scandalizziamo?? Non credo possa essere un prodotto meno lavorato della pasta usata per fare le nuggets..."
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"Ja, da kann ich nur zustimmen. Ist der Wettbewerb sehr stark (also z.B. viele Backlinks, hoher Pagerank, ältere Domain, etc.), dann wird es natürlich schwieriger resp. dauert entsprechend länger. Je genauer man die Mitbewerber beobachtet, desto höher allerdings die Chance, dass man doch die eine oder andere Lücke findet und sich für die eine oder andere Keyword-Kombination an der Konkurrenz vorbei schmuggeln kann."
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"GapKids Faux-Fur Pom-Pom Purse ($11) 2. Annie The Musical, Ages 4+($68+) Read my review here. 3. Melissa & Doug Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ages 3+ ($26) 4. Juicy Couture Metallic Suede"
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"I think it was a English/Slovak dictionary and a Turkish thesaurus...I looked a bit more into his projects and they are actually interesting...automating weather reports in obscure languages for locals who have always had to depend on colonial language broadcasts. It just seemed so alien the first time I listened to him speak."
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