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"The name Burying Hill is exactly what it implies – a burial ground. Although, today, no gravestones remain at Burying Hill, in 1657 it was the Couch family cemetery, perhaps shared with other Bankside families before Greens Farms had an official cemetery in 1725."
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"Without a constitution, what happens if a post-independence FM or PM loses a vote of confidence? What if an election is inconclusive? What if Parliament tries to pass a law that does indeed restrict the political activities of “aliens”?That’s like saying you want to play poker but you don’t care whether everyone playing knows what the rules are or agrees with them beforehand."
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"I read from the internet midnight sun,I relly dint know i was reading a copy write, point is I loved it but I noticed that it was incoplete it mede me sad. (im obssesd with the twilight saga and so are my millon friends an we are from Puerto Rico) so can the messege that some fans acsedentally without knowing it read midnight sun and are suffering get to her? that be nice , but we dont want pressure on her so take your time Stephenie but dont give up your fans are there to suport you. ^,^ GOOD LUCK!Patricia age13"
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"Hi I am not voting 5* very often. 4* for a good movie is rather what I am doing. 5* for outstanding stuff. 1* is failed.So 3 star rating would be perfect for me.Agree: No need to manouver the clips into fav´s when liking it. Blows up my lists unessecary and forces me to organize additional content I actually don´t wanna have.Greetings°|~JoCognito"
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